About the Author

Heather Hayden is a writer, reader, gamer, editor, and computer geek, though not in any specific order.

She grew up in the forests of Maine and on the sunny beaches of Prince Edward Island. Though she can’t remember when she first started tapping away at a keyboard, she’s grateful those early attempts at writing are lost in the ancient format of floppy disks.

Heather wrote her first fantasy novel when she was fourteen under the influence of NaNoWriMo and a LOT of chocolate. Though that particular story may never see the light of day, Heather published her first science fiction novel (Augment) at the age of twenty-one. She is now hard at work on her next publication, Upgrade, the sequel to Augment.

When she’s not working on her current projects, she can often be found deep within the pages of a good book or gaming with friends. At times, Heather ventures outside to hike, bike, and swim. She prefers ocean water over lake water, is trying to conquer her fear of heights, and might be mildly obsessed with Pokemon Go.

She also loves anime and manga, listening to music, and chocolate, and finds writing about herself in the third person quite odd.

Heather is currently traveling up her author goal ranks to Fleet Admiral (currently, she is a Lieutenant Junior Grade.) Along the way, she will be sharing what she’s learned, both from her own writing and from the writing of others via book reviews, through this blog.