Author Interview: Alasdair Shaw

alasdair shaw

This is the first interview for the Blog World Tour: Science Fiction Edition, previously announced here. Like the Blog World Tour: Fantasy Edition, there’s a prize available for the first commenter to guess my secret posting schedule: a digitally signed ebook copy of Augment or a voucher for a free digitally signed ebook copy of any novel I publish this year or next year. If you think you’ve guessed it, let me know in the comments! Today’s interviewee is Alasdair Shaw. A fellow science fiction writer, like me he enjoys exploring concepts surrounding artificial intelligence in his stories. I’m delighted … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 30: August Month Map–Week 3


There’s a little more color on the map now! And I definitely think that I’m going to be making the dashes much smaller next month. I want to feel like I’m making progress when I am! So what did I do this past week? Demon’s Magic: Edited 41/112 pages. Not halfway there yet, but making progress. Demon’s Soul: Need to finish Demon’s Magic first. I think this project will probably be pushed off until next month, because although I could probably finish editing Demon’s Magic in nine days, there’s no way I could also finish this book. Of Beauty Within: … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 29: August Month Map–Week 2


This update is again a little late. I almost didn’t post, because as you’ll see in a moment, it looks like I’ve done pretty much nothing this past week. Yep, no movement in the lines. I should have made the dashes smaller–I’ll keep that in mind for next month’s map! At any rate, despite the apparent lack of progress, I really have made steps toward my goals for the month. Here’s a rundown: Demon’s Magic: Didn’t make any progress this week. Shameful, I know. Demon’s Soul: Need to finish Demon’s Magic first. Of Beauty Within: Wrote 3,481 words. Yes, that’s … Read full post

Magic Monday: Castle Waiting by Linda Medley

This month’s fantasy book review is a little late. Time has a habit of slipping by… But enough of that. Time to focus on the main event, that is to say, the book review! Today’s novel is a graphic novel, Castle Waiting, written and illustrated by the talented Linda Medley. I came across Castle Waiting years ago, when it first appeared in my library. A few pages in, I knew I’d found my new favorite fairy tale story. My sister and I agree it’s one of the best fairy tale stories we’ve ever read, not to mention one of the … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 28: August Month Map–Week 1


Yes this is a little later than I meant it to be. However, its colorfulness will hopefully make up for that! The results from Week 1 of August: Demon’s Magic: Still revising. Demon’s Soul: Need to finish Demon’s Magic first. Of Beauty Within: Slow but steady progress–probably about a third done. Short Story: Finished revising! Yay! Upgrade: Waiting for critiques before revision. Goals for Week 2: Finish revising Demon’s Magic. Continue to make progress on Of Beauty Within. Revise two chapters of Upgrade based on crits. … Read full post

Author Interview: A.J. Flowers

Author Photo(AJ Flowers)

This is the second interview for the Blog World Tour: Fantasy Edition, and no commenter has claimed the reward* yet! If you think you’ve figured out the posting method, let me know in the comments below. *a digitally signed ebook copy of Augment or a voucher for a free digitally signed ebook copy of any novel I publish this year or next year Today I’ll be interviewing A.J. Flowers! A fellow fantasy writer, she wrote her first trilogy, a fantasy angel series, during college while studying to become an engineer. She now juggles both work and writing as a double … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 27: August Month Map


It’s been a few months since my last month map, for a variety of reasons. However, this month I’m bringing it back, with a new and shiny month map! It doesn’t look very colorful yet, but future updates will show my progress on a weekly basis. Tomorrow I’ll post an updated version with my progress for this past week. My hope is to reach the end of the month with a rainbow of colors! For those of you intrigued, here are a few more details for each of my five goals: Demon’s Magic: The second in a trilogy I’m currently … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 26: Camp NaNoWriMo Results!


If you’ve been wondering why this blog has been kind of quiet for the past month, the answer is relatively simple. July is host to Camp NaNoWriMo, an offshoot of November’s well-known and well-loved National Novel Writing Month. Although it’s been going on for a few years now, I haven’t successfully participated before, mostly because the past few years I had a full-time job. This year, though, I not only had time on my hands, but also internet access and–most importantly–a wonderful group of writers who formed a cabin with me and a few other friends. How did it go? … Read full post

Saturday Shorts: The Pirate and the Barrel


Arrrrr, mateys! It’s time for an amusing tale about a drunk pirate and a magic barrel. I hope you enjoy it! The Pirate and the Barrel “Where did I go wrong?” the pirate moaned in misery, looking at the barrel sitting in front of him. To his drunk, slightly fuzzy vision, the barrel looked like a priest, and the pirate was bemoaning his life as he attempted to relieve his aching head by drinking mug after mug of liquid from the keg he sat on. Ale? Rum? Beer? At this point, he didn’t really care what it was. “I had … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 25: More news on the Blog World Tour front!

Earlier this month, my first interview with a fellow fantasy writer went live. Next month will showcase not one, but two interviews! One will be with a fantasy writer, the other will be with a science fiction writer. The latter will be the start of a twelve-month series of interviews with science fiction writers. I will also be interviewed by science fiction writers and will share links to those interviews, just as I will share links to the interviews of me by fantasy writers. Why didn’t I start the interviews in the same month? Well, it took time to organize … Read full post