Author Interview: Lynden Wade


In just a few short days–December 7th, to be exact–the first JL Anthology will be available to order. We’re all super excited! Today, as part of the pre-release celebrations, I am interviewing one of the authors–Lynden Wade. Her story in the anthology is titled The Goose and His Girl. Thank you for being here today, Lynden! Let’s dive right into the questions. What inspires you to write? I love story-telling. And there are so many stories that I haven’t found tellings for, so I want to write my own. Take an example. In the graveyard of an old church in … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 38: December Month Map

December Month Map

November was a crazy month. Not only with National Novel Writing Month and a new (seasonal) job that took up a lot of my time, but also the anthology is being released early this month (December) and a good part of November was spent preparing for that (and I’m still not done! Yikes!) However crazy December might be, though, I wanted to revive my lovely Month Maps, so here’s December’s in all its snowy glory: Normally I use an image from Pixabay, but the website was having issues today, so I grabbed an old picture from a few winters ago–that’s … Read full post

Cover Reveal: From the Stories of Old: A Collection of Fairy Tale Retellings


I know I’ve been quiet for the past month or so, but there’s a good reason why! I have exciting news to share today: my writer’s group, the Just-Us League, will be publishing our first anthology on December 7th, 2016! One of stories will be my own, a retelling of the selkie myth called “Beneath His Skin”. Today, I’m revealing the cover and the blurb, and there will be more posts in the near future, including an interview with one of the anthology’s authors. The anthology is comprised of thirteen stories, each accompanied by an illustration created by my talented … Read full post

Author Interview: Christina Feindel

This interview is the next in the Blog World Tour: Science Fiction edition series. Today I’m hosting Christina Feindel, author of The Revenant. Welcome to my blog, Christina! I’m delighted to have you here today. My first question goes straight to the heart of the matter–when did you know you wanted to be a writer? I knew I wanted to write a book someday when I was in the third grade. My teacher spiral-bound one of my writing assignments–the first piece of fiction I ever wrote–and put it in the school’s tiny little library. I’d been an avid reader for … Read full post

Author Interview: Krystal-Ann Melbourne

Today I’m interviewing Krystal-Ann Melbourne for the Blog World Tour: Fantasy Edtion! Welcome to my blog, Krystal-Ann! I’m delighted to have the opportunity to interview you today. My first question is an obvious one: What have you written? Other than the twelve years I’ve spent writing and editing my romantic fantasy, A Balance of Souls, all I have under my belt is a handful of poems, and those written only for my own enjoyment. But since I’ll be *finally* finishing A Balance of Souls this autumn, I’ve begun drafting my next two projects: Claudian’s Keys, a surrealist YA about a … Read full post

Author Interview: Zeta Lordes

Today I’ll be interviewing Zeta Lordes for the Blog World Tour — SciFi Edition. Zeta writes both science fiction and fantasy (like me!), but with a nice dash of romance on top for all you romance lovers out there. Thanks for being here, Zeta! Let’s dive right into the questions. My first question is one I love asking other writers–what is your favorite genre to read? Specifying a favorite genre is tough for me. I could probably be defined as a thriller junkie. If it contains strong elements of suspense or charismatic/mysterious characters, I don’t much care what the genre … Read full post

Magic Monday: Shield of Drani by Melonie Purcell

Shield of Drani

Today’s post is a day late…but that’s because I only just finished reading this book yesterday! Today I’m reviewing Shield of Drani by Melonie Purcell, a science fiction novel filled with different planets and aliens, spiced with plenty of action, intrigue…and telepathic/telekinetic characters. Here’s the blurb: One planet rich in fuel. Two psychic talents are required to mine it. Three species seeking control. Like most Arleles, Taymar is telekinetic, violent and deadly. She is also the first of her kind to be telepathic as well, making her an intolerable threat to the ruling Dran. They want to control her. To … Read full post

Author Interview: S.M. Pace

shadow-of-wolf-pace-ebook3 (1)

Today’s interviewee for the Blog World Tour: Fantasy Edition is S.M. Pace. Welcome to my blog, S.M.! My first question is a predictable one: how often do you write, and do you have a special time during the day to write? This is going to sound strange, but I generally only write fiction, as in new drafts, on Mondays. I write for about 5 hours, getting down about 3k-5k words, which generally meets my deadlines for the week. The rest of the week is spent revising completed works, and writing blog posts. I also free write for about five minutes … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 37: October Month Map


Well, this is a little later than planned. However, today’s pretty much when this month is really beginning for me, as I’ve spent the past week taking care of other business–including finishing a beta-read for a friend that has taken me way too long to complete. Now that I’ve finished that novel, however, I can focus once more on my own goals! Let’s go over all the goals briefly… Upgrade: Yep, it’s entering its ninth revision. Or thereabouts. I was hoping this would be the last one, but after receiving several valid crits that pointed to some things that still … Read full post

Ensign’s Log, Entry 36: September Month Map Final Update


Finally, an update that’s actually on time! Yay! Mostly because I’m sleepy and don’t plan on doing anything else productive tonight once I’ve finished this post. Here’s the final Month Map: For some reason the image keeps showing up as that of the previous update’s map, so I’m praying that it’s just some visual glitch. However, if it should prove not to be–the red line should be complete, the gold line should be mostly finished, and the last bit should be mostly green, detailing how much progress I made this month. Oh, and the title should be all nice and … Read full post