Heather Hayden


This is a comprehensive list of interviews with me. Enjoy!

2018 Interviews

JL Anthology #6 Blog Tour & Scavenger Hunt feat. Heather Hayden (by J. E. Klimov)

A Bit of Magic – Interview with Heather Hayden (by Louise Ross)

Authors Supporting Authors: Special JLA Edition Featuring Heather Hayden! (by J.E. Klimov)

2017 Interviews

Ask the Author: Heather Hayden (by Krisna Starr)

Interview with the Fantastic Heather Hayden (by Imogen Keeper)

The Author Next Door, Episode #1: Pilot (by J.L. Bernard)

The Author Next Door, Episode #2: Augmenter or Upgrader? (by J.L. Bernard)

The Author Next Door, Episode #3: Writing or Publishing? (by J.L. Bernard)

SciFi Blog Tour – Heather Hayden (by Dawn Chapman)

Writer’s World Interview with Heather Hayden (by S. M. Pace)

Interview with Heather Hayden (by Eleanor Konik)

An Interview with Heather Hayden (by Alasdair Shaw)

2016 Interviews

A Day in the Life of…Heather Hayden! (by Allie May)

An Interview with Heather Hayden (by H.S. Cook)

Author Interview: Heather Hayden (by Tabitha Chirrik)

Author Interview with Heather Hayden (by Kristen Kooistra)

Blog World Tour: Heather Hayden (by Jim Moran)

Heather Hayden Interview (by Corinne Morier)

Author Highlight: Heather Hayden (by Louise Ross)

Random Interview Saturday! Heather Hayden (by HL Burke)

Blog World Tour – Heather Hayden! (by Allie May)

Interview with Heather Hayden, Author of Augment (by CL Feindel)

Author Spotlight: Heather Hayden (by Ash Litton)

Author Interview: Heather Hayden (by HT Lyon)

Fairy Tale Anthology Announcement and Interview (by Corinne Morier)