Heather Hayden


In this sequel to Augment, sixteen-year-old Viki and her AI friend Halle are contacted by Talbot, a rogue AI. A surprise visit from an old adversary soon casts suspicion on the rogue and its intentions, and Viki and Halle find themselves caught up in another investigation—this time, as the detectives.

Viki struggles to balance the investigation, homework, and her social life—the latter renewed by a blossoming friendship with transfer student, Darnell. Meanwhile, Halle is torn between helping a fellow AI and stopping a potentially dangerous fugitive. When Talbot denies having anything to do with several missing cyborgs from a military laboratory, Halle questions whether it can trust the other AI. After all, Talbot was developed to control the cyborgs.

As accusations fly, Halle and Viki search for the truth about Talbot—and in the process, uncover something surprising about Darnell. The truth could destroy Viki’s new friendship and place the entire world in grave danger.

Upgrade was published on March 11th, 2021.

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