This is a comprehensive list of interviews with me. Enjoy!

Blog World Tour: Fantasy Edition

July: Interviewed by Lynn Miller

August: Interviewed by Lesa McKee

September: Interviewed by Kristen Kooistra

October: Interviewed by Corinne Morier

November: Interviewed by Allie May

January: Interviewed by Krisna Starr

April: Interviewed by Eleanor Konik


Blog World Tour: Science Fiction Edition

August: Interviewed by Tabitha Chirrik

September: Interviewed by Jim Moran

October: Interviewed by Louise Ross

November: Interviewed by Ash Litton

December: Interviewed by HT Lyon

February: Interviewed by Dawn Chapman


The Author Next Door

I was accepted as the first interviewee for J.L. Bernard’s new series, The Author Next Door, which will feature episodic, in-depth interviews. My interview extends across three episodes.

Episode #1: Pilot

Episode #2: Augmenter or Upgrader?

Episode #3: Writing or Publishing?


Other Interviews

A Day in the Life of…Heather Hayden! (by Allie May)

Random Interview Saturday (by HL Burke)

Fairy Tale Anthology Announcement and Interview (by Corinne Morier)