Ireland: The Cliffs of Moher — 12 Comments

    • It’s so gorgeous. I must have taken fifty photos while I was there, and I’ll take more if I end up going back with my sister before we leave. Took over two hundred at the Bridges of Ross… Going to post some of those later once I’ve weeded out some highlights. My grandfather has amazing cameras he’s letting me borrow–I’m so glad because it lets me capture the beauty of the area!

  1. So beautiful! Those cliffs are dizzying I’m sure. With the one being 100ft and that one being so much shorter than the rest . . .

    We have a lot of farm land here, but it’s not anywhere near that open. We like to sprinkle trees around the edges of fields, so it doesn’t have that same look to it.

    And sheep! No sheep here. Just cows and chickens and horses.

    It does look so beautiful and I’m glad you’re having a good time.

    • Looking out across the water, it’s beautiful. Not sure how I would feel at the edge (I’m not great with heights), but from the path, it’s simply gorgeous.

      There are trees here and there, but for the most part farmland is hills and walls and sheep, cows, or horses. So very many sheep. Sorry you have none there–they’re so cute!

    • Great weather, great views, lambs and calves and foals everywhere, and not a huge influx of tourists yet. Spring’s a good time to be in Ireland. 🙂