Saturday Shorts: Evolution of Prophecies — 8 Comments

  1. The update is definitely an improvement 🙂 Good work. I kind of have a prophecy in my main book >_> I’ve gone out of my way to have none of the characters actually know what it is though, or call it a prophecy. No one’s yelled at me for it… yet *crosses fingers*

    • Thanks! I was really happy with the final result (if a bit distraught over how long it took to reach that result!) Nice job avoiding it being too outright… I considered doing that but in the end decided it would be too difficult.

  2. I LOVE prophecies. I wrote one for a someday book series. I’ve never minded the cliches and I know mine is probably riddled with them too. I changed it a bit to hopefully make the worst cliche less obvious.

    There’s just something about them that’s so mysterious and intriguing.

    • I enjoy a well-written prophecy–I’ve read books with not so great ones, but when they’re good, they can add a nice bit of intrigue to the story. Cliches can be hard to avoid in fantasy…sometimes you just need to embrace them!

  3. I’ve never included a prophecy in any of my stories, but I do have a character that’s a prophet in one. His prophecies, though, aren’t the rhyming type like the one you have…which is cool, I think, especially in revised form. I think that a prophecy like that works for a YA book. I have happened to read by an agent that prophecies are one of their pet peeves…but done right, they can add to a work.

    • Prophecies are definitely a pet peeve, of agents and readers alike, for the main reason that they’re often not done well… But I’m hoping that in its final draft, this one will come through as good! I like that your prophet doesn’t rhyme his prophecies… Sometimes rhyming it can make it a bit too cheesy, I think. Though I tried to avoid that in the revisions of this one.

  4. I think your final version is great. I like prophecies and I’m annoyed that they are considered cheesy these days! In my pre-Scrib extremely rough draft of Uprooted I had a prophecy. But it got binned fairly early on. More because I wanted to move away from the “chosen one” theme than because I thought the prophecy was cheesy.

    • Yeah, I think the Chosen One theme is one of the reasons prophecies get scorned so often, because they’re frequently associated with that particular theme. Glad you liked my final version!