Ensign’s Log, Entry 3: When motivation isn’t there — 6 Comments

  1. When I get stuck, I either take a quick nap or go for a run and it seems to open the floodgates. Other times, just reading one of my favorite books helps.

  2. Great post!
    That’s true. I also experience this too.
    As for me, I practice singing, I bake, read or play games. Most of the time, going to the choir practice and meeting my friends gives me time to relax and have fun.

    • Thanks for sharing! Games are another way I relax as well. Usually computer games, but sometimes card games such as Magic the Gathering and cribbage.

  3. Just popping in from Scrib. I always find that the days I wake up motivated are the days that are jam-packed and I can’t write. But give me a day to myself with my laptop… nothing!

    • That happens to me at times, too! Thankfully with my new job I can usually work around my times of inspiration… But there are still other things that come along and interrupt the creative flow. Sometimes I’m not sure if the universe or my muse is being cruel…or if they’re both conspiring together!