Ensign’s Log, Entry 11: Pi Day Number Crunch, or the Post That Almost Wasn’t — 12 Comments

  1. It’s been many years since I’ve had a laptop, but I distinctly remember knocking a cup of punch over on my keyboard when I did have one. That was horrible! Because even though it dried, the keys were sticky and I really had to push on them to get them to work. And how do you fix that? It’s not like you can pour water over it to wash it out LOL.

    • Water wouldn’t help, it would just spread the sugars, but I’ve heard that you can remove the laptop’s keyboard and rinse it off with rubbing alcohol–which makes sense, the alcohol won’t corrode things like water, and will rinse away the sticky stuff left behind by the punch. Can’t imagine having to deal with a keyboard like that… I hate sticky keys!

  2. That’s too bad about your keyboard 😛 Luckily I find they’re much stronger regarding water spills than most people think. Phones on the other hand… not so much. One time I spilled my tea on my keyboard though, and the sugar in it made the letters stick for months.

    • Keyboards are fine if it’s water, as long as it dries out without corroding anything. Unfortunately, laptops don’t like water inside them. Mine recovered without any apparent signs of damage, though, save for needing to replace the hard drive (and that might have simply been a bad partition table.)

      Rubbing alcohol! Helps clean away the sugar. Also, desktop keyboards can be sent through the dishwasher (or they used to be able to handle that, not sure about the ones made these days.)

  3. I think you’ve managed to meet every writer’s nightmare… I hope your computer recovers soon!Impressive numbers :3

    • Thanks! It’s making slow but steady progress. Had to install a new hard drive, but it could have been much, much worse. My friend recovered all of my data, I’ve installed Windows 8.1 and now just need to reinstall everything/organize everything. It’ll be in better shape than ever once I’m done, though!

  4. That’s quite impressive productivity in numbers! My daughter once accidentally spilled water all over my keyboard and then covered it so I wouldn’t find out. It was quite a shock to see my keys swimming in water the next day!

  5. Oh, I hope your lap top is savable. And that’s very sweet that your friend loaned you theirs. I remember my lap top dropping on the floor once. A small piece broke off but it worked fined afterwards. For a little while. Anyways, impressive stats. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! It’s fine, just needed a new hard drive. I’m glad yours survived a fall–I’ve seen ones that survive all sorts of falls and others that have died after dropping about a foot. All depends on the manufacturing and whether the machine was on or not (and what sort of protection its hard drive has.)