New Year’s Resolutions: My 2016 Writing Plan — 4 Comments

  1. My goodness you are so organised! I should map out the year like this. So far all I have is finished the latest draft of my novel by the end of January and complete some reading for my Master’s project during February. I’m not sure it’s going that great because the novel has reached a sticky point and I’m not sure how to navigate it. But I suppose getting words on the page would help.

    • January and February is a good start! Novelling can be slow going at times, but doing a little bit every day can really help… Eventually you get past that sticky part and can return to smooth sailing. I’m hoping that this plan works out; originally I had the editing turnarounds a lot tighter but when I wrote this post I realized I wasn’t really giving myself enough time and revised it again. Always leave some wiggle room to allow for unforeseen circumstances!

    • That’s awesome! Most (not all) of the demons in my trilogy aren’t much different than humans–more powerful, in most cases, but no more evil (or good) than humans tend to be. I look forward to your crits on it when it reaches the point of being Scribophile-worthy! 🙂