Announcement: Kindle Giveaway!

Announcement: Kindle Giveaway!

I’m participating in another giveaway! This one is running from now until September 18th, and one lucky winner will win both a kindle and 15 awesome fantasy books, including From the Stories of Old!

The Books

From the Stories of Old: A Collection of Fairy Tale Retellings by Heather Hayden

The Temptation of Dragons by Chrys Cymri

Echo of the High Kings by Kal Spriggs

Fade by Daniel Humphreys

Doctor to Dragons by Scott G. Huggins

Who’s Afraid of the Dark? by Russell Newquist

Brotherly Envy by S.D. McPhail

Scales: A Mermaid Tale by Pauline Creeden

Honor by Rachel Rossano

Fallen Emrys: Niawen’s Story by Lisa Rector

Playing With Magic by Carrie L. Wells

Got To Be a Hero by Paul Duffau

Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden

Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset by Sarah Ashwood

Where Carpets Fly by Elise Edmonds


By entering this giveaway, you acknowledge that your email addresses will be added to the newsletter email lists of all 15 participating authors. You will receive email from them, but never spam.

Entries accepted until September 18, 2017.