Ensign’s Log, Entry 25: More news on the Blog World Tour front!

Earlier this month, my first interview with a fellow fantasy writer went live. Next month will showcase not one, but two interviews! One will be with a fantasy writer, the other will be with a science fiction writer. The latter will be the start of a twelve-month series of interviews with science fiction writers. I will also be interviewed by science fiction writers and will share links to those interviews, just as I will share links to the interviews of me by fantasy writers.

Why didn’t I start the interviews in the same month? Well, it took time to organize the BWT: Fantasy edition, and further time to organize the BWT: Science Fiction edition. Hence the BTW:F starting in July, and BTW:SF starting in August.

As an added bonus, I will be using a secret method to determine which day each month to post the science fiction interviews as well. The first commenter who guesses this method correctly will receive a digitally signed ebook copy of Augment (or a voucher for a free digitally signed ebook copy of any novel I publish this year or next year.) And, yes, if you guess both methods, you get two vouchers–but you should really let others have a shot as well. It’s just sporting, isn’t it? (As you can probably tell, I’ve been spending way too much time watching Miranda.)

I hope you enjoy the interviews as much as I am enjoying conducting/participating in them. This is going to be an exciting year!


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