Ensign’s Log, Entry 35: September Month Map–Week 2.5

Ensign’s Log, Entry 35: September Month Map–Week 2.5

Obviously, I forgot to update for Week 2 this month, so instead you’re getting an update midway between Weeks 2 and 3. I also missed Magic Monday, which was last Monday, so will instead post a book review on the 26th (the last Monday of the month.) There will be another Blog World Tour–SciFi Edition interview on the 23rd.

Overall, progress has been fair this month. The month map is gathering colors and goals are reaching completion. Here’s a rundown of what I’ve gotten done since my last update:

Upgrade: I printed out a copy of the latest draft. It’s currently sitting in my laptop case, waiting for me to slash at it with a red pen. I’ll get to that either later this month, or early next month.

Demon’s Blade: My beta reader had less feedback than I expected, so I’ve moved ahead with my plan to post this novel to Scribophile. Unfortunately, I hit a snag–after posting about half of the book, I ran out of karma and thus need to gather more before I can finish posting it. However, my next Fast Critters cycle–starting this week, I think–is running Upgrade through the gauntlet one more time, and will also offer me a chance to get more karma through critting a full novel. I also have some other novels waiting to be critted, so I’ll focus on those as well in the coming weeks.

Once Demon’s Blade is fully posted, I’ll begin seeking people to trade crits with. I already have at least one person interested in reading it, and I’m sure to find others once I start looking.

Of Beauty Within: I made a little more progress in this, but not as much as I would have liked…

Although I managed to set aside the last shiny plot bunny that bounced out of my subconsciousness and begged for me to write its story, another one tackled me full force a few days ago. I’ve already finished the first chapter and am almost three thousand words into the first draft. Now that Demon’s Blade simply needs to be posted, though, I think it’s time to really dive back into Of Beauty Within and finish that first draft, however rough it might end up being.



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