Ensign’s Log, Entry 45: January Month Map, No Update This Week

Yes, that post title is correct, there’s no Month Map update this week. Though I did manage a few things earlier this week, the majority of it was spent fighting off, and eventually succumbing to, a cold. Or flu. Some sort of bug, anyway, that left me with very little energy up until a couple days ago, when it proceeded to hit me solidly over the head.

Today, I’m finally starting to feel better, thanks to forced rest, cold medication, and plenty of good tea. With any luck, next week will be much more productive, fueled by my desire to get ALL the things done once I’m feeling better and can do so.

On a brighter note, next weekend is a celebratory Facebook party for the anthology From the Stories of Old. Details can be found on the party’s page. I hope you’ll consider stopping by–there’ll be discussions, games, and a raffle!

In conclusion, I hope you all have had a good week, and that the rest of your month is good (and productive!) as well.


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