Ensign’s Log, Entry 46: January Month Map, Week Three Update

Ensign’s Log, Entry 46: January Month Map, Week Three Update

This is a few days late, but unsurprising given how busy I was last week with the Launch Party! I’m happy to report that I’m not longer sick and am also a lot less stressed now that the party is over. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

Here’s my map for this month so far:

It’s not looking too impressive so far, is it?

Part of the problem is I underestimated how much time and effort would be necessary to plan and coordinate the launch party. There were a lot of people participating, but I wound up hosting twelve hours of the event, and even with my co-hosts’ help, that was a LOT of material to gather, write, and prep for.

I also wasn’t expecting to be sick for the first two weeks of the month. Granted, colds are rarely something one can anticipate, but it’s unfortunate I lost so much time.

However, all is not lost! Considering how much time I spent on the party and what my goals for the rest of the month are, I’d like to reveal my new and improved month map now:

“But wait!” you might be saying. “You can’t just change your month map like that! That’s cheating! And what about your writing plans? You’ll fall behind!”

Actually, I won’t. I originally planned to complete Skin as White as Snow and Of Beauty Within in order to accomplish my 50,000 word goal for JanNo ’17 (supplemented by other writing, I don’t believe either story has 25k left to go.) However, between being sick for two weeks, then spending a good part of a week planning and conducting the party, I simply don’t see that goal as still being feasible.

Instead, I’m going to return to my original plan of writing 250 words a day. That might seem like a minuscule amount, but it adds up quickly, and often leads to more words than that once I get started. I haven’t been doing very well with this goal so far, but if I can pick up the slack, I could have almost 8k written in SAWAS by the end of the month. That’s at least two chapters, if not three–and that should bring the story close to the end.

Ultimately, I may only accomplish one of my original goals this month (revising Upgrade), but there will be progress nonetheless, and that’s what I’m aiming for.

How are your month’s goals progressing? Any changes in them, or unexpected obstacles?


  1. Yeah I agree. It’s not cheating to rearrange your schedule if other priorities or illness come up.

    Hmm I can’t remember what my January goals were now. Probably to finish my book two third draft, which I did 🙂

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