Ensign’s Log, Entry 9: February Month Map!

Ensign’s Log, Entry 9: February Month Map!

This should have been up yesterday, but due to an unforeseen lack of internet, I wasn’t able to post or even schedule it for posting.

As far as January went, I think I made pretty good progress in terms of my goals. I didn’t actually start plotting out the Demons trilogy, but I did finish the first draft of Upgrade, which was the major goal for the month, as well as the most difficult.

February I’m hoping to continue to make good progress, both on new revisions of Upgrade, plotting an entire trilogy from start to finish, and revising the first book of said trilogy.

In the spirit of these goals, I have a brand-new, shiny Month Map, this month with a movable snowman (an idea that was suggested to me last month, but not before I’d already done everything on the same layer. Always use layers. Lots of them. For everything. Seriously. Makes it so much easier.)

February Month Map

How did your January goals work out? Did you meet them? Did you surpass them? What are your plans for February?


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