Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello world!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but coming up with a focus topic for it has been getting me nowhere. So this blog is not going to be about a single thing but rather about a multitude of things that all have something in common—I am passionate about them.

Some days I may talk about fantasy. Other days I might talk about science fiction, or a new scientific discovery that caught my attention. And some days I may share a funny story from my life or a snippet from my current writing project, or tales about the arduous but rewarding journey that leads from conception of a story idea to publication.

I’ve already published one book, a young adult science fiction novel called Augment. I’m still just starting my journey of a writing career, however. I look forward to sharing the trials — and triumphs — of that journey with you.

Welcome to my blog.