Lieutenant Junior Grade’s Log, Entry 13: November’s Final Update and December’s Month Map

Lieutenant Junior Grade’s Log, Entry 13: November’s Final Update and December’s Month Map

Time for a quick look back at November, which was much more successful a month than I had expected!

NaNoWriMo! — WON!

This year NaNo was a struggle for various reasons. You can see by the graph below that I spent most of the month trying to catch up.

That huge jump at the end was my final push to finish–I wrote over 9,500 words on November 29th. Though there were many highs and lows over the course of the month, ultimately I managed to finish for the eleventh year in a row, and that counts as a successful NaNoWriMo to me.

Will I be participating again next year? You bet!

Solstice Flames (JLA #4)

I haven’t had a chance to begin the next round of revisions after the judging results came in, but that task is one I will be tackling during December.

Monsieur Puss (JLA #5) — DONE!

Cooperative Writing Project — DONE!

Kristy Perkins and I have finished the first draft of our amazing fantasy novella! Next up: revision time…

Goodreads Challenge — 88.9% DONE!

I managed to read eight books for my challenge, despite how crazy the holidays were and the fact that I was behind on my word count for NaNoWriMo for most of the month. That leaves me 10 for December…

Other things that happened during November

  • I attended Carnage Con for the second year in a row. I learned several new games (Clank!, Mysterium, The Resistance), painted miniatures, played a rebel spy in a Star Wars-themed RPG, and met a lot of cool people!
  • I helped host one Thanksgiving dinner and attended another the next day.
  • I discovered Thai tea thanks to a friend–it’s now one of my favorite drinks.


All in all, November was a stellar month for me, even if I didn’t quite finish all of my goals.


Now, it is time to reveal December’s Month Map!

Within the Ironwood

Part of the reason NaNo was a struggle last month was that this particular novel was not as ready for writing as I had thought. I started hitting speed bumps and finally, after a conversation about world-building with a friend, I realized that a little more work is needed before I dive into this story fully. During December, I’ll be polishing out the rough spots in the world-building and creating a chapter-by-chapter plan for the novel; something Kristy and I did for our co-author project, which really helped us stay on track while writing it. Come January, I hope to be able to dive back into this project with a keen muse and a solid plan.

Solstice Flames (JLA #4)

With the judging results in and the publication date (late February) approaching, it’s time for me to finish revising this story!

Monsieur Puss (JLA #5)

I’m getting feedback on the current draft and will be revising this one more time before it goes off to the judges in January.

Cooperative Writing Project

It’s revision time for this project as well. Kristy and I have agreed that with the holiday hustle, we should start off slow, so we’ve set a minor goal of revising four chapters this month.

Goodreads Challenge

My challenge is almost complete! I need to read 10 more books before the end of December. Thankfully, I’ll be doing a lot of traveling this month, so there’ll be plenty of time for reading.


How did your November goals turn out? What are your plans for the last month of 2017?


  1. Congrats on winning NaNoWriMo! Looks like November was a great month for you. Good luck with your revisions and Goodreads challenge.
    Speaking of challenges, I recently stumbled onto a writing challenge that begins January. It’s called the 85K90D (8,000 words in 90 days) and it lasts for three months, April being catch up month. Then May to June are the editing months part of the challenge. Heard of it yet? Sound like something you’ll be interested in doing?

    1. Thanks, Lidy! I hadn’t heard of 85k90D; it sounds interesting! I have JanNoWriMo coming up in January, and I’m hoping to kick start a fresh new year of writing every day. I might check out 85k90D, though the speed is slower than what my plan will be–I want to start writing 1667 words a day, to prepare for next NaNoWriMo.

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