Without Internet…?

Without Internet…?

So, tomorrow I’m headed off to New York again. This time, though, there’s a potential that my friend may not have internet back yet. If that’s the case, my initial blog post plan may be somewhat on hold until the internet returns. I will utilize libraries and coffee shops and the like in the meantime, if necessary, but do not be surprised if there is a decided lack of updates for the next week or so.

Since my family switched (FINALLY) over from dial-up to DSL (with a wifi router! glorious wifi!) late last year, it’s been a while since I haven’t had internet. It does put a damper on me doing a lot of work while it is down (I don’t really want to sit in a library for eight hours editing), it does mean that I will have a chance for uninterrupted writing sessions. No Facebook, no Twitter, no what-is-the-word-I-am-thinking-of-here-I’ll-look-it-up-…-whoops-where-did-that-last-half-hour-go. Just me, my computer, and my stories. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be without internet for a week and do the work of a month! Anything is possible, and I’ll be sure to post updates whenever I am capable of doing so.

When was the last time you were without internet? How long did it last? Were there any epic writing sessions involved?


  1. The cool thing about a tiny wi-fi dongle is that you can pluck it out for web-free writing time. 🙂 I used to do that sometimes. We still have a wi-fi router, but I’m plugged into it with a cable because the wi-fi connection is kinda slow and patchy. So discipline is the way to go when I write. I allow myself to peek at the Thesaurus if I must, but no social media. Those lost chunks of time are way too familiar. Internet downtime, especially when forced on me and not by choice, makes me very unhappy.

    1. That’s true, and a great idea when it’s possible. I remember my parents’ XP laptop; it had an external wireless card. Although back in those days, I wasn’t so easily distracted by social media since I wasn’t really on any such sites. My old laptop and my new one have internal cards, but I’ve gotten a lot better at avoiding the internet when writing. However, my friend’s house is right across the street from a library, so despite the fact that there is no internet at the moment, I am still very easily distracted by reading…but that’s a good thing, I think! I’ll definitely be happy when it’s back up and running, though.

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