Saturday Shorts: The End is Only the Beginning — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been there! I was so happy to finally be able to type “the end” of what was supposed to be the only book in that world.

    But over the course of the last chapter, I found the idea of a sequel creeping in. I had questions that I didn’t answer and characters who I thought were off in a direction of a fun story.

    And now here I am, writing book 2, albeit very slowly.

    • It’s happened to me more than once… But even though it’s a bit surprising at first, it’s fun to keep adventuring with the characters. I’m glad book 2 is working out for you, however slow it might be moving along.

  2. As a writer I think we often surprise ourselves on the page. More often than not we are led by our stories rather than the other way around:)

    • So true. It’s one of the reasons I am never able to follow a plot outline… Even when I try, something different always happens along the way and I find myself somewhere I don’t expect.