Ensign’s Log, Entry 10: March Month Map!

Ensign’s Log, Entry 10: March Month Map!

Welcome to March! It’s the third month of the year, that time where, in some parts of the world, the snow is finally receding and birds, grass, and flowers are reappearing. Given that it snowed yesterday, it’s not quite spring yet here, but the month still has that renewal feel to it. Which is good, because I’m in major need of renewing!

As is clear from my decided lack of posts last month, February kind of went up in metaphorical flames.

february burned

Somewhat crappy graphic, but a pretty good image for describing how February’s plans went. Which is really too bad, since January was such a strong start!

However, March, and spring, is a time of renewal, and that means I’m going in with a renewed sense of purpose, determined to get the goals for the month done in a timely manner. And with that in mind, here’s my March Month Map!


Isn’t it a cute little bunny?

I’ve decided that this month, the bunny will duplicate, with one appearing next to each goal as I complete it. If there are six bunnies at the end of the month, I’ll treat myself to something cool. What exactly, I don’t know yet. Maybe a pile of new books.

At any rate, though the past is still smouldering embers, I’m looking toward the green grass in the distance and moving forward.


    1. Yeah, I thought it was a good way to visualize my dismal failure. XD Working on multiple books at once lets me bounce back and forth between projects so I’m always excited on whatever I’m working on. Thanks, I may need the luck as I’ve got a lot to do this month!

  1. I love your maps. I’m not organized at all so my map would look like a rabbit trail where nothing much happens.

    I do love your bunny map, it makes me hopeful for spring. And I love bunnies.

    It snowed here yesterday as well. My husband told me last week that we’re the only state that has this kind of weather: Day 1 – so warm the snow all melts. Day 2 – Rain. Day 3 – Hail. Day 4 – Extreme snow so that school closes and we need to shovel. Day 5 – Sunny. Day 6 – Heavy snow in the morning, more shoveling needed, afternoon so warm the shoveled spots make grass tracks through the snow.

    But yes, I can’t wait for the snow to be gone and the weather to warm up on a consistent basis so we can go outside.

    1. Yeah, I was expressing my hope for spring through the map as well. And also my love for bunnies–they’re so cute.

      Wow, that’s quite a spectrum of weather! We’ve mostly been getting rain, sunshine, and the occasional small bit of snow here… My parents, however, who are a bit more to the north, have been getting snow up until recently, I think. It’s going to warm up soon enough, and then be summer and I’ll be missing the cold. Funny how that works. Hope your weather becomes more consistent soon, though, so you can enjoy it!

  2. It’s always good to get some goals up, even if you don’t reach them on time, they provide us with a much needed sense of purpose at times (when procrastination calls). You’ll have to report back on whether you met them and if not, why not – I’ll keep you accountable, Heather 😛

    And yes, love the bunny 🙂

    1. Thanks, Aderyn! I would definitely appreciate it if you’d keep me accountable! Updates will be forthcoming… Hopefully one tomorrow (today’s been too hectic). January definitely proved that having goals is worthwhile–I got a lot more done than I expected to. February, well, we won’t discuss February. March is going to be different, though, I just know it. 🙂

  3. Oh how I understand. February kind of went up in flames for me too. Yet, I’m starting to feel refresh again. Coincidentally enough when the temperature is steadily going up and up into the 80s by Thursday/Friday. 😀 Good luck in March and happy writing!

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