Christmas Party-Writing Tag

Christmas Party-Writing Tag

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and to those who do not, I hope you have a wonderful day.

I’m not popping in for long, because I have Christmas things of my own to do, but a friend of mine, Corinne Morier, tagged me for a Christmas Party writing prompt that involves answering a list of questions asking which of my characters would do what.

The original list, as you can see by visiting Corinne’s post, involved the Naughty List, including various things I couldn’t imagine my characters doing. However, another friend of mine, Renee Harvey, created a clean version of the list, and it is this one I’m using for my part of the writing tag.

The challenge is to use only one of my stories, and no character more than twice. I’ve chosen Augment as the story…let the answers commence!

Who starts karaoke with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and who jumps in for the echo?

Viki, because she secretly loves karaoke! And Halle would jump in for the echo, because it loves music and this is one of its favorite Christmas songs–it even changes its avatar to a red-nosed reindeer for the duration of the singing.

Who’s threatening the kids with coal in their stocking?

Mr. Wandel, in a loving and joking way, because he saw James shaking one of his presents earlier, and that’s very naughty!

Who’s the Grinch?

That would definitely be Roberts. All he cares about is his own gain; he doesn’t have any time for holiday nonsense. He crashed the party because Smith wasn’t answering his calls. Now Roberts is hunched in a corner with a cup of mulled cider, glowering at everyone.

Who invited the strangers to the party?

It’s more like Walters invited himself, and he’s not totally a stranger as he’s Smith’s partner. The Wandels don’t know him, but he brought homemade cookies and apple cider, so he was welcomed into the party–who can say no to homemade cookies?

Who’s the couple wandering off with the mistletoe?

Mr. and Mrs. Wandel, Viki’s parents. James keeps hanging the mistletoe and they keep taking it down and hiding it somewhere. It’s sort of a Christmas tradition, seeing who can keep track of it the longest.

Who accidentally trips on the lights?

Smith, because he was startled by the sight of Roberts at the party. He recovers, though, and hurries to get another glass of cider–and put as much distance between himself and his boss as possible.

Who brought the fruitcake?

Walters brought some fruitcake as well. He loves fruitcake and always makes sure to bring it along to Christmas parties, in hopes of convincing others how delicious it is. So far, he hasn’t been terribly successful, mostly because his cookies are so good everyone just eats those instead.

Who wins the ugly sweater contest?

Definitely Smith–his son loves ugly Christmas sweaters, and Smith buys a new one every year.

Who read their ENTIRE Wish List to Santa?

He doesn’t do it anymore, but James did this when he was younger!

Who stays up to wait for Santa?

Halle–it might act like a sophisticated (or not-so-sophisticated) AI most of the time, but when it comes to the magic of Christmas, Halle’s definitely the kind to wait for Santa…and even order the kitchen robot to bake some cookies for him.


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