Ensign’s Log, Entry 12: March Month Map Update!

Ensign’s Log, Entry 12: March Month Map Update!

Look at those cute bunnies!

They should be multiplying much faster than this, but unfortunately I think Upgrade is only getting one revision this month, as I don’t have enough crits and don’t expect another full set of them before the end of the month to allow for a second revision.

I do hope to make some progress on revising Demon’s Blade, though, which I’m definitely looking forward to!

And I’ve done a lot of other things this month as well… Here’s a quick bullet list of some highlights:

  • Completed the timeline for Demon’s Blade–and also have some great ideas for changing it to make it even better!
  • Critiqued a novel on Scribophile (I love this site!) (Also began critting another novel, and have a third to start before the end of the month as well.)
  • Became more active in several of my Scribophile groups and the forums.
  • Also became more active in reading blogs and leaving comments (I’m starting to not lurk so much, yay!)
  • Wrote a guest blog post for Allie’s “A Day in the Life of…” blog series. If you haven’t checked it out yet, definitely do so–they’re great and inspiring stories of how writers find time to write, no matter how hectic their lives are.
  • Kept to my post schedule (with the occasional slightly belated post) so far this month (much better than last month’s record.)
  • Read several great books, including HL Burke’s Lands of Ash. (I’m also almost done with City of Blades, which is just as amazing as its predecessor, City of Stairs.)


There’s still another third of the month left, so looking forward to getting a lot more done!

How’s your March progress going?


  1. Congrats on all the progress you’ve been making. I still have to finish the rest of my guest blog posts for March and April. And bang out the words from head and get it on paper for my manuscripts.

    1. Yeah, I have a lot left too… Still more than half of Upgrade to edit, and I want to make some progress on Demon’s Blade as well, and also work on my other novel that’s been sitting in the dust for a bit… There’s never not anything to do, but that’s one of the great things about writing!

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