Ensign’s Log, Entry 16: NaPoWriMo Day #5

Ensign’s Log, Entry 16: NaPoWriMo Day #5


I had quite the experience yesterday journeying home by bus–a trip that should have taken about eight hours took almost twelve thanks to a small collision (no one hurt, thankfully!) followed by bad weather (snow, in April? After last week’s high temps? What are you doing, Spring?!).

Despite the bad weather, delays, and sudden outage of internet access (the ISP would only give me redirects to ads rather than loading the pages I wanted unless I used a proxy), I made progress in several writing-related endeavors and also caught up on some necessary sleep. I was still worn out by the end of the trip, but not in as bad a mood as I thought I would be. Sometimes, you just need to focus on the bright side of things.

Although I didn’t see any rainbows during the rainstorm that turned to snow, rainbows have always been a reminder to me not to let bad things get me down.

Today’s poem celebrates the beauty of rainbows.


Colors sweep across the sky
Bringing beauty to the eye
Bringing solace to the soul
Of one and all, young and old

As I gaze upon the arch
Something lightens in my heart
Suddenly the sun shines bright
Stormy darkness yields to light