Ensign’s Log, Entry 23: I have returned!

Ensign’s Log, Entry 23: I have returned!

Technically, I never really left… Or, at least, I continued writing. However, since my blogging has been, well, less than par for a while, I’ve decided it’s time to get back into the swing of things.

I’ve already scheduled the Magic Monday post for this month, and plan to schedule a few more posts on various things in advance, just to get the ball rolling again.

You might be wondering, “Well, how long are you going to stick around this time? Seems like you keep coming and going!”

This is true–I’ve chewed myself out more than once in the past couple of months for not doing more with this blog. After all, if I want to look back in a few years and rejoice at how much I’ve done here, then I’ve got to do it!

However, I also realize that berating myself is not productive, and in fact could result in negative results–me associating blogging with that negative feeling and not wanting to do it even more. So, instead, I’ll celebrate each small step I take down the road, each word I write, whether in a new story or in a new blog post.

I’m happy to announce that my writing has been going much better! Although I had another lull during a week’s trip to my old college town for a friend’s graduation, I jumped back into things feet-first upon returning home and am already four chapters into editing Upgrade‘s latest draft.

I have serious motivation for finishing this draft as well, as I’m racing another writer friend to see who gets down with their manuscript draft first. At the moment, he’s ahead, but I’m not going to let it stay that way! The best part is that when we’re both done, we can swap manuscripts and beta-read! Best way to celebrate ever! (I’m such a bookworm.)

Not only have I been working on Upgrade, but I’ve also gotten myself into another project I’m really excited about! I don’t want to say too much about it yet, but more will become clear soon enough. Suffice to say, I have another story to write, one I’m looking forward to writing once my muse stops being indecisive about how to handle it.

So, I guess this post is mostly just to say, “Hi, I’m still floating around in the Internet, and plan to be more active now!”

Due to planned circumstances, my internet access will be limited starting late next week, but I knew this ahead of time–part of the reason it’s important to get posts scheduled ahead of time! I’m really looking forward to it, though–I think a break from the distractions of the internet will help my muse flourish and refill my well of imagination.With that thought in mind, I’m off to continue working on Upgrade!


    1. Except me. Because I know too :p

      Yeah, welcome back Heather.

      I think we all have different strategies for bloggin when we don’t know what to blog about:
      Kristen: what did the kids get up to?
      Elise: what did the cats get up to?
      Corinne: MEME MEME MEME

    2. Haha, thanks! And, yeah, I think a lot of the people who follow this blog already know what it is… But there’s at least one person who might check it now and then and I’m keeping it a secret from them until my first draft is complete. *shifty look*

      I don’t have kids or cats (or dogs) to post about, but I’m going to start having less serious/planned posts, I think. We’ll see!

  1. I’ve mostly stopped announcing my returns except for maybe a small note at the beginning or end of the actual post. It was starting to sound like a broken record. 😮

    We can do it? Of course we can!

    1. Yeah, I may be reaching that point. But this time, I really, really want to keep up with it. Been dealing with a lot of stuff, but finally realize that writing is what I want to do, so I need to sit down and work at it until I’m where I want to be with it.

      *high fives* Of course we can do it! Just keep blogging, just keep blogging… 🙂

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