Ensign’s Log, Entry 29: August Month Map–Week 2

Ensign’s Log, Entry 29: August Month Map–Week 2

This update is again a little late. I almost didn’t post, because as you’ll see in a moment, it looks like I’ve done pretty much nothing this past week.


Yep, no movement in the lines. I should have made the dashes smaller–I’ll keep that in mind for next month’s map!

At any rate, despite the apparent lack of progress, I really have made steps toward my goals for the month. Here’s a rundown:

Demon’s Magic: Didn’t make any progress this week. Shameful, I know.

Demon’s Soul: Need to finish Demon’s Magic first.

Of Beauty Within: Wrote 3,481 words. Yes, that’s less than half of what I should have written, and I’m still behind from my slow start this month, but it’s progress. Just not enough progress to warrant coloring in that second dash.

Upgrade: Still waiting for critiques.

So, why was this week so slow? Well, first of all, I’m trying to catch up on Scribophile critiques right now because I fell a bit behind on some crit trades. There are other critting-related things happening as well.

I only had work-editing one day (my part-time job is online, but a job-by-job thing and often work comes in spurts), but that was Saturday and I was burned out from that on Sunday so those two days–almost a third of my week–were a wash.

On a more exciting note, a few days ago my muse decided to present me with a new, shiny plot bunny. I’ve already written 2,011 words in it (part of that being a brief blurb-y thing that described the idea before it hopped away) and am excited about it–but I’m not going to neglect my current WIPs in favor of this one. Well, not any more than I already have.

In conclusion, I did make progress, and I’m pleased with that. I hope to see better progress during Week 3. Expect another update sometime after the 21st (hopefully not as late as the last two have been.)