Ensign’s Log, Entry 30: August Month Map–Week 3

Ensign’s Log, Entry 30: August Month Map–Week 3

There’s a little more color on the map now! And I definitely think that I’m going to be making the dashes much smaller next month. I want to feel like I’m making progress when I am!


So what did I do this past week?

Demon’s Magic: Edited 41/112 pages. Not halfway there yet, but making progress.

Demon’s Soul: Need to finish Demon’s Magic first. I think this project will probably be pushed off until next month, because although I could probably finish editing Demon’s Magic in nine days, there’s no way I could also finish this book.

Of Beauty Within: Wrote 5,921 words. Not quite the full 7k I would have liked, but I was working on Saturday and my family came home Sunday so I was busy. I’m also at 29k total now, and I’m hoping to wrap the story up around 50k. Will it be done this month? Maybe not–but it’ll be much closer to the end!

Upgrade: Edited Chapter One this week. Nineteen chapters to go, provided feedback continues rolling in at a good pace. Going to keep editing as I can.

I also revised the short story for the secret project again, and I think it’s very close to the final draft now.

Also nearing the final draft is Upgrade‘s logline and blurb. When the blurb’s fully polished and ready to present, I’ll be posting about it! Very excited to be getting near the end of this story’s journey. It’s taken longer than expected, but been a lot of fun.

The final update for August will encompass the last nine days of the month, and will probably go live either late on the 31st or on the 1st of September, depending on how worn out I am at that point.