Ensign’s Log, Entry 31: New Profile Picture

Ensign’s Log, Entry 31: New Profile Picture

Early this summer, my sister worked on an art project. I was commandeered as a model, and the resulting painting was so awesome I begged to be allowed to use it as a profile picture.

Because the art project needed to be kept a secret until the start of her school year, I have spent the past few months waiting (im)patiently for the chance to start using the image. This evening I finally got the green light!

I’ve always had trouble finding a decent profile picture for myself. I never look good enough in photographs. Thankfully, I no longer need to worry about it, because I doubt I’ll be changing my profile picture any time soon!

Here’s the beautiful image in all its glory, which has now taken over all of my social media accounts:

Heather Hayden profile pic


    1. Thankfully I didn’t have to sit there the entire time! She’ll usually make some quick sketches while I’m modeling (I’ve done it before for other projects) and then I’m free to go back to whatever I was doing. Can’t move while posing, though, so I would’ve been stuck reading the same page over and over. Although I guess I could stick my Kindle on top of the book and read that way…will have to remember that if I need to do longer poses sometime!

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