Ensign’s Log, Entry 47: February Month Map!

Ensign’s Log, Entry 47: February Month Map!

It’s time for the final reveal of my January Month Map, a brief discussion of how January went, and then… *drumroll* February’s shiny new Month Map!

First off, January:

Upgrade: I now have almost nine out of twenty chapter revised completely. If I manage one a day (starting today), I should be done halfway through February with this major revision, and then there’s just the minor revisions/polishing to go! (I hope)

Skin As White As Snow: Didn’t make as much progress as I would have liked, but did get a few good writing sessions in, and overall I’m happy with my progress.

Launch Party: This, as I mentioned previously, was a lot of work, but ultimately a successful first attempt. I learned a lot and will be even better prepared for the next one.

And now for February!

So shiny! So new! And so snowy! Mostly because there has been little to no snow where I am right now, and I miss it.

My goals for February are almost the same as January’s, with the difference that I do not have a massive party to plan for this month. Also, I only have 11 chapters of Upgrade left, and maybe five or six chapters of SAWAS (I think…it’s hard to judge length for my first drafts.)

My third goal is to catch up with all of my promised Scribophile critiques. By my count, I have about 60 critiques I need to do to catch up, not counting any new chapters that have been posted for my on-going novel trades. That sounds like a lot, but a few a day should get me to that goal without any problem!

How did your January goals go? What are your February goals?


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