Ensign’s Log, Entry 49: February Month Map Week 2.5 Update!

Yes, you didn’t read the title wrong… Because this post is late I’m calling it week 2.5 instead of week 2 (or week 3, which is still a few days from its end.)

The good news is that I’ve made a LOT of progress since my last update!

Upgrade: Only four chapters to go. This round of revisions should be done by the end of Week 3.

Skin As White As Snow: No new progress as I was focusing on Upgrade and the secret project this past week.

Critique Catch-up: Doing well here! I’ve been trying to do at least one or two a day.

Secret project: The first draft is due on the 19th (tomorrow!) so I need to finish that by tonight!

That’s all for this update…check back in at the end of the month for my wrap-up! (And I might have a week 3.5 update as well, depending on how successful the next seven days are.)

How are your monthly goals progressing?


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