Ensign’s Log, Entry 51: March Month Map

Ensign’s Log, Entry 51: March Month Map

I’m welcoming in March with a shiny new month map and new goals (plus a couple transfers.)

Skin As White As Snow: This month’s major goal is finishing the first draft of this. I’m going to start by reading through what I’ve got so far and filling in some holes, then diving into the final few chapters.

Critting: As some of you know, I use Scribophile during my editing process. The feedback I receive from my critiquers there is amazing, and the community itself is educational and friendly, making it a great place to network with other writers. Last month, I was working on catching up with my backlog of critique trades. I made good progress and even set up a few more trades along the way. My goal for March is to finish catching up. I’ll need to complete 80 crits to do that–some from old, standing trades and some from the new trades I made.

Reading: I’m doing a Goodreads challenge this year with a goal of reading 75 books. I was ahead of my goal in January, but fell behind last month so would like to catch up in March. I’ll need to read 12 books to catch up, so a little more than one every few days. Given how many I have sitting on my Kindle right now, that won’t take long! Not to mention my shiny new paperback of Where Carpets Fly, which I’m currently several chapters into and loving every word of it.

Upgrade: I’d like to start the next revision by the end of the month. This is contingent on my critters finishing their read-throughs, however, so it’s a bonus goal.

Further reading: Given that there will be times when I don’t get as much reading done as I would like, I’m setting a bonus goal of two books beyond where I should be with my reading challenge.


  1. Go Heather! My vague goals are on track at the moment. I’ve got more promo stuff going on in March and some blog posts and other set up to do for that. And I really want to finish my book three outline! I’m on track with my Goodreads goal, but I have to keeping reading to stay on track.

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