Ensign’s Log, Entry 50: February Month Map – Final

Ensign’s Log, Entry 50: February Month Map – Final

Farewell, February, you were quite the productive month for me, despite being so short.

I’ll be welcoming March in with a new month map sometime in the next few days, but today it’s time for a wrap-up of February’s month map. Let’s see how I did…

I didn’t complete all my goals, but two of my major ones were pretty well-conquered.

Upgrade: I finished the current draft of Upgrade on February 22nd, and now have at least three critters reading through it (one has already finished!) Once they’re done, I’ll be able to dive into the next round of (hopefully minor) edits.

Skin As White As Snow: Although I participated in the Twitter hashtag game #authorconfession with this as my WIP, I must confess that it fell by the wayside while I was focused on Upgrade. Finishing the first draft is going to be my major goal for March, however!

Critiquing: This was mostly a success. I managed almost forty crits in February, but not all from my backlog–I picked up a few new trade partners for Upgrade. I’ll continue catching up in March.


Ultimately, February was a very successful month for me. How did your February goals go?