Ensign’s Log, Entry 58: Update on May, or Why this blog will be silent for a while

Ensign’s Log, Entry 58: Update on May, or Why this blog will be silent for a while

A lot of things have happened these past two weeks–some good, some bad.

The good:

  • I have extra work this month that was unexpected but very welcome. Suffice to say, it’s doing what I want to be doing as my regular part-time job, and I hope it will lead to more work in the future.
  • My sister and I are heading to NYC next week to spend some time going to museums and whatnot, as she’s never visited NYC for an extended period before. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


The bad:

  • I had some health issues a little over a week ago. I saw a doctor about it and it’s nothing serious, but the doctor did say I needed to do my best to rest. And I don’t mean the not-working, lounge-around-and-read-all-day kind of rest, I mean utter and total boredom doing nothing at all.


So far, I haven’t been great at complete and total boredom resting, but I’ve been cutting back on my non-work computer time and my social media, as well as taking frequent breaks while working. It’s helped a lot; the symptoms I was having are mostly gone now. However, this does mean that I haven’t spent much time writing or editing my own stuff this month.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog post–something you’ve probably already guessed from the title.

For the rest of the month, I won’t be posting Month Map updates or anything else that isn’t already scheduled, with one exception–my writer’s group has an anthology releasing next month and I hope to do a cover reveal and maybe an author interview with one of the authors before then. But other than that, it’s going silent. My Twitter account will also be mostly quiet, as will be my Facebook page.

Am I maybe going a bit overboard with this rest thing? Perhaps.

Will I be back next month with a new month map? I plan to be.

Does this mean that May has been a complete wash, goals-wise? No. Goals can change due to unforeseen events, and my new May goal is to take care of myself so that I can complete my work, enjoy my trip, and finish editing that short story.


How are your May goals progressing? Any unexpected changes? Any exciting developments?


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