Ensign’s Log, Entry 8: First Draft of Upgrade is Complete

The title says it all. As of sometime late Tuesday night, the first draft of Upgrade is complete and off to be critiqued by friends, family, and my fellow Scribophiles.

Am I relieved? Yes. The last couple of weeks were a stressful bundle of writer’s block and frustration, but the journey is finally over and now I can relax, at least until the critiques start rolling in and it’s time to revise!

In the meantime, I’ll focus on getting the rest of my January goals done. To illustrate my progress so far, here’s an updated version of the Month Map:


I know there are only a few days left to the month (and two of those I’ll be spending traveling and visiting a dear friend of mine), but tomorrow I’ll get started on a timeline for the Demons trilogy, and then February will dawn bright, clear, and full of new goals!

How are your January plans holding up? Did you meet any road blocks like I did, or has it been smooth sailing?


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