Saturday Shorts: My friend the ghost

Saturday Shorts: My friend the ghost

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this short already. I actually wrote it on Monday in response to a challenge by @WriterEdmonds: a story story in 5 tweets or less, with the prompt “Your best friend is a ghost.”

@WriterEdmonds wrote an awesome (and sad) short story about Spooky–if you’re on Twitter, definitely look it up!

Here is my take on the challenge… And, yes, it’s a poem. What can I say? I like a challenge.

My friend is not like other friends, she sits upon my chair
And through her I can see the seat as though no one was there
In a voice like tattered silk, she whispers, moans, and shrieks
But for the others in the house, she voices not a peep

My friend tells me of her old life, a time from long ago
Of summer breezes sweet and strong, and the deep cold snow
Of one thing she will never speak, the fact she draws no breath
It matters not, for true friendship surpasses even death


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