Guest Post: Poetry is Everywhere by Lidy Wilks — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for hosting me on your blog today. It’s true that poetry is everywhere if only we stopped to listen. It permeates everything from our morning coffee to a bird’s song. It’s even in the music we hear every day.
    I’m glad you enjoyed my inclusion of Imagine Dragons. Radioactive is one of my favorite songs from them too.

  2. Oh, that was fun! Thanks Lidy and Heather. I find more and more people acknowledging that songs are poetry – finally! But I was the slow mover when it came to hip-hop. Until, that is, I saw the musical Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Favor yourself with the 46 songs in two acts on CD or Amazon Prime. The creative brilliance and use of language changed my feelings about rap forever. A sample, when Alexander Hamilton tells George Washington he can bring down Thomas Jefferson with the written word:
    “I’ll write under a pseudonym,
    you’ll see what I can do to him.”
    From: One Last Time, Act II of Hamilton, by Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Rhyming the word “pseudonym?” Brilliant, like I said, or rather HE said.

    Thanks again for such a fun, enjoyable, and appropriate Poetry Month blog post.

    • So glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for sharing about Hamilton–I hadn’t heard of it before, but that snippet has me intrigued… I love that he rhymed pseudonym!