Ireland: The Bridges of Ross — 8 Comments

  1. It’s the cliffs of insanity! It’s like you’re in your own fairytale kingdom! Just don’t get kidnapped! Hmm, Buttercup and Heather are both flower names!

    Sooo, I’m jealous, cause I’ve always wanted to see a tide pool. THEY LOOK SO AWESOME! I’m seriously in love with the ocean, but I don’t get to see it often. And you got to see a tide pool! How cool is that!!

    • Haha, it’s kind of like that, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m not nearly as pretty as Buttercup, so I doubt I need to worry about being snatched up for some Prince’s dastardly scheme to steal his kingdom.

      You’ve never seen a tide pool? I’m so sorry! I grew up summering in Prince Edward Island, where we’re about five minutes on foot from a beach, so I’m used to them, but it’s still cool to find them and see what sorts of creatures are living there (or just chilling out until the tide comes back.) I hope you have a chance to find one next time you’re at the ocean!

      • I bet you’re a lot stronger than Buttercup! You’d probably knock out the prince and then become a pirate and join Wesley!

        Oooh, lucky! Anne of Green Gables Island, right?

        • Haha, yeah! Definitely my preferred style. I certainly wouldn’t let myself get dragged off to the palace to marry some awful prince, lol.

          Yes! I’m so glad you’ve heard of Anne; I grew up with her stories and summering on PEI and just assumed everyone knew about her books, since thy are relatively well-known, but I’ve since run into a lot of people who’d never even heard of them, much less read them. Kind of sad, since Anne is an awesome heroine!

          There is a sort of village called Avonlea that’s a big tourist attraction–the people dress up like characters from the books and have reenactments and such. I’ve been there once–really cool place! Also seen the play once, and visited the house of Green Gables a few times (and, of course, the Haunted Woods.) If you’re ever in PEI and you like those books, I definitely recommend seeing at least one of those, if not all three.