Character Interview: Freckles the Cat-Dragon from Priceless by Janeen Ippolito

Character Interview: Freckles the Cat-Dragon from Priceless by Janeen Ippolito

I have an exciting guest today! Please welcome Freckles the Cat-Dragon from Priceless. He has kindly agreed to an interview with me as part of the Priceless Blog Tour, celebrating this steampunk romance’s recent release!

Thank you so much for being here today, Freckles. What is your favorite part about being a cat-dragon?

I exemplify the best parts of both species in a unique specimen that will never be repeated. Because the horrid scientists who orchestrated my creation also took the liberty of some rather awful mutilation towards my person.

But no matter. I can breathe fire, I can fly, and I can cuddle the secrets from anyone. All useful skills.

Oh, how awful! I’m so sorry you were created that way. I definitely agree that you share the best parts of both species, though!

If someone offered to grant you a single wish, what would you ask for?

…someone else like me. No, that is not a contradiction. Shall we change the subject? Yes. Yes, we shall.

I can understand wanting someone like you to share life’s joys and tribulations with. Let’s change the subject to food! Do you eat fish, and if so, what is your favorite kind? If you don’t eat fish, what’s your favorite food?

I enjoy fish and small rodents and milk. Small rodents are my favorite food. In skin form, I enjoy ice cream, and I would eat it for every meal if I could. But Maira says it looks irregular, and I should try to blend in 15% of the time. Since I’m only in skin form 15% of the time, and only around her, I think the little filly is tricking me.

She definitely is. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream all the time! Next time you stop by, I’ll make sure I have some waiting for you.

What sights would you recommend for travelers visiting your hometown?

Don’t. My “hometown” is buried beneath rubble and good riddance to that horrible laboratory.

Definitely doesn’t sound like a good place to vacation. I hope you find a much better home somewhere else.

Who is your best friend?

Maira Ukerys is my death unicorn. I chose to bond with her when she was a child because it was an excellent idea at the time. Let no one tell you anything different. It certainly had nothing to do with the mercy and kindness she and her twin brother showed me. And it definitely had nothing to do with a supposed softening of my heart and a growing sense of altruism. I was already an exceptional example of cat and dragon.

But yes, Maira Ukerys is mine. Which is a reason why she had to be found. She’s a troublesome thing, but I also enjoy her company. Because I have fantastic taste in humans and would only choose the best.

She sounds lovely! Perhaps you can have her visit too next time; I’d love to met her. Thank you so much for stopping by, Freckles!

Unfortunately, that’s all the questions Freckles had time for today, but he wanted all of you to know before he left that Priceless is now available on Amazon and other retailers. Make a cat-dragon happy; pick up your copy today!

You can read my review of Priceless here.

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