Lieutenant Junior Grade’s Log, Entry 6: September Month Map Final Update!

Lieutenant Junior Grade’s Log, Entry 6: September Month Map Final Update!

September disappeared fast! It’s time for a final look at my month map for this crazy month…

Upgrade — Progress made

This was more of a bonus goal this month, but I did manage to edit two chapters, leaving only four to go.

Cooperative Writing Project — Complete!

My writers’ group, the Just-Us League, started a new, three-month project that involved pairing people up with random partners to write a story together.

My awesome partner and I are deep in the writing process now, which means this goal was met and then some! We’re currently about 15% complete with the first draft, going by the number of chapters we have plotted out… Length-wise, we’re not sure yet, but I estimate the final draft will be around 40-50k.

Another tidbit about this story: the POV character I’m writing can wield magic.


After revising, this short story is now over 10,000 words in length. I’m going to need to trim it a bit to make the word count limit, but I’m loving this project a lot. It’s a fairy tale retelling based on two unconventional tales I’ve read multiple times in the past, one of which I enjoy and the other of which I have less positive feelings toward. So far, the feedback has been positive from my critters, though I still need to do some character development tweaking… Hopefully there’s enough description, though! My first drafts tend to be light on that, but I think the current draft has plenty now, thanks to my revisions.

Within the Ironwood

I didn’t touch the storyboard this month, which is disappointing, but I also was juggling a lot of other things, so I’m not going to be upset with myself about this. In October, I will try to find time to work on it.

Goodreads Challenge

I read four books this month for my challenge. Not quite my goal, but given how busy I was, I’m lucky I got that done!

What else have I been up to?

I met up with some of my college friends in Bar Harbor for a weekend early this month (one of them was kind enough to drive me, so I got to read on the drive!)

I’ve been hard at work with my writer’s group, the Just-Us League, preparing for our next publication, a horror anthology releasing on Friday, October 13th! I posted a cover reveal here. Like all of our anthologies, this one has been a labor of love, a labor that isn’t quite over as of when I’m writing this post. But we’re getting very, very close to being ready!

I also finally got a smartphone. Yes, I’ve been living in the dinosaur era of phones. Now I can play Pokemon Go!–er, I mean, I can practice with Duolingo more easily (learning Japanese and German), I can make long phone calls without worrying about how many minutes I have left, and I can check emails and such when I don’t have my computer (very handy during the reunion weekend). I may also be slightly addicted to it right now, but I’m sure that will fade…with time…


How did your September go?


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