Release Day: Of Legend and Lore!

Release Day: Of Legend and Lore!

Happy National Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

This is one of my favorite days of the year (now that I know it exists, haha!), and my writers’ group, the Just-Us League, is celebrating by releasing our fourth anthology.

Of Legend and Lore is our second collection of fairy tale retellings, and it is now available for purchase on Amazon (or free through Kindle Unlimited). Pick up your copy today! (Unless, of course, you don’t enjoy fairy tale retellings accompanied by full-page, black-and-white illustrations…in which case, please consider purchasing a copy for a friend or family member who would.)

New life is given to eleven old stories in this second collection of irresistible fairy tale retellings.

Royalty faces magical challenges: a prince uses his powers on a rescue mission and reveals a terrible secret about his people; a king takes drastic measures to save his daughters from a troublesome curse; and a princess befriends an unusual frog.

Mythical creatures can be friend or foe: three brothers face a depressed dragon with a legendary treasure; an ancient crow brings a child’s wishes to life; and one young girl discovers dragons aren’t always the enemy.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes: a miser is in danger of losing everything one cold night; a struggling mirrorsmith meets an invisible recluse; a boy must relive the fairy tale based on his ancestor’s life; a child is rejected because of his love of drawing cats; and an evil witch is sealed in a glass coffin.

Be transported to new worlds and enjoy fresh twists on old favorites.


Grab your copy now!

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